The Northstar
This boat lies in the junction of the Chicago River and the Canal, that leads to Lake Michigan. The nexus there lies slightly above waterlevel, making the Northstar an ideal access point, though it only offers minor comfort (there is a diesel engine, which supplies the ship with energy, but has to be refilled after a month). The mana harvested from here is strange, giving one a feeling of unease, as if being followed by something and reminds of fallen leaves and fear. The boat is currently administratored by the League, which have at least ward there to notice if Banisher or Seers assault the ship.

John Hancock Center
From the ground you can see some ley lines passing through the top of the building, though this is a recent development, meaning someone manipulated the lines to cross the scyscraper for the last 6 years or so. Access is guarded by sleepers and magic and pentacle mage assume that this is either done by a banisher, or most likely The Light.

The Crying Dragon

Old Lighthouse
Right beneath Castaways, 1603 North Shore Drive and somewhere north of the Crying Dragon, there is an Old Lighthouse, where a strong ley line (N-S) and a weak one (NE-SW) cross. The Lighthouse is closed for normal visitors, only kids tend to go there to hang out and smoke. Mana gives you the feeling of cold and curiousity. It is not clear, who or even if it is in control.

Oz Park
At 2021 N Burling Street is a small park with a huge old oak, which was probably old when indians roamed this land. There are no ley lines, instead mana comes out of the ground directly through the oak. It can easily be harvested, but the acorns are poisonous. When devoured, they have the effect of making you feel younger, more lively and on longterm, making your hair and skin green. Deirde can be sometimes seen here, preventing mages from disturbing the peace.

Chicago Tunnels
The mana here manifests spontaniously. Neither from the ground nor ley lines, the energy here seems to come from somewhere completely different. It takes on the form of some kind of gas, which affect the mind, making the victim manic. With Prime it can be easily turned into tass, which is rather harmless. Stories from bums can be heard about creatures ascending from the flooded parts of the tunnels, which roam them to harvest clouds, but that may be a drunkĀ“s tale. Fact is, the tunnels are very populated, not only by humans, but stranger things.

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