Lords of Order


  • Arthur (Silver Ladder)
  • Herodes (Silver Ladder)
  • Cleopatra (Guardian of the Veil)
  • Conan (Adamantine Arrow)

They have everything under control. And they will make sure, you understand that.

Arthur is a mage around his sixties, proud and powerful and – ignorant. Though sometimes giving the impression of a senile old man, he is very powerful and sensitive when it comes to questions regarding his authority. He makes sure, things stay how they were, because “the old ways are best”.

Herodes is Arthurs Counterpart. He is maybe 10 years younger, but holds at least equal power as his rival. He is well connected outside of Chicago and tries to bring back more of mage society into Windy City, after years of intern wars. He has a good sense of humor and enjoys american series such as Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead or Breaking Bad. Behind is friendliness lies a very worried man, who often thinks about times when there is nobody to lead mage community in Chicago. He is often found at the Crying Dragon.

Cleopatra is best known as the secret chief of command of the gatekeepers. She always tries to be best informed and is angry if someone is ahead of here. She gets angry when someone is late and to be honest, she is always angry with something. Though she is a mage, she is married to a sleeper, a senator in Chicago and many doubt that is because she loves him. Probably she hates him, too.

Conan is a European migrant from Germany and a pretty bulky sight. He takes things lightly and even if you try to imagine him having a greater goal than having fun, you just canĀ“t. He is load and outside the Crying dragon, you always see him with some kind of girl. Despite that, he has formidable combat abilities, surely being a master in forces and prime, which is on the one hand a real bother to the guardian, who are specialised in making people di-remembering stuff, but on the one hand, without him, Chicago would have encountered some powerful cryptoids in the past, which came from the depths of the lake, attacking the coast line whith much resolve. If you invite him for a beer, he will gladly tell you all the details (including the afterparty).

Lords of Order

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