Liaras Heirs

Autumn Leaf (Thyrsus, Plantmagic)
Leon (Obrimos Firefighter)
Freefunk (Acanthus Freecouncil)
Azula (Moros, Guardian of the Veil)
Shiro (Obrimos, Adamantine Arrow)
Ninetails (Mastigos, Adamantine Arrow)

This group was formed by an Acanthus mage, who had foreseen the rising conflict between the Pentacle and the Seers. They are the Enforcers of the Council. Few know that at least 2 of the six members are Thralls to Arthur and had originally a neutral standing (neither Pentacle, nor Seers).

Among them is Leon, an Obrimos firefighter, who holds a deep grudge against anyone who uses supernatural powers against humans (I look at you, evil vampires) and Autumn Leaf, a Thyrsus specialised in plant-magic (has some connections to local drug trade, and yes, her mushrooms are very popular)

Ninetails can often be found at the Crying Dragon, meditating and traveling the vast spaces of the Astral Plane. This mage is quite a bother, never giving a straight answer or just answers your question with a question.

Each of them is at least Adept in one Arcana.

Liaras Heirs

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